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BOOK NOW | Avatar - The Way of Water (engl. OV)


Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana | Directed by James Cameron

In the sequel to Avatar, the time gap between part one and part two also roughly corresponds to the time jump in the action between the two films. Jake and Neytiris now have an eight-year-old daughter. Jake is set to experience an emotional roller coaster in the upcoming films, one of which is a major argument between him and Neytiris, shown from the daughter´s point of view. Edie Falco will act as an opponent. She plays General Ardmore, the head of the Resources Development Administration, who exploits foreign planets and mines important resources for humans there. The main plot of Avatar 2 will remain the moon Pandora, on which many underwater scenes will be shown.

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